Update October 2011


The children are doing really well, all children have their ups and downs and so do the children at Baan Non Son Boon.  This week it is back to school for their new term, they are excited and feel so special, moving up to a higher grade! The children really appreciate the care given to them.  Each child has a heart breaking story of previous neglect, rejection and or abuse.  Thank you for accepting those little ones into your hearts, giving them a hope, safety and a bright future to look forward to.

S.O.L is having an ever increasing impact on the lives of the people in Baan Non Som Boon and beyond.  Just recently a leprosy effected elderly mother came to the food program in absolute agony. Her left eye was in a terrible state.  She cried a lot and was desperate for a healing prayer. The next day I went to check on her at her house, a tin roofed shack. She was so very happy and completely healed from her condition!

Food program:

Our cook is still cooking up a storm and the result are very tasty and nutritious meals for the people terribly effected by leprosy. We are getting close to 50.000 meals produced and delivered.

” I was hungry and you gave me something to eat”
Jesus Christ.

While walking through the slum we found a man, hungry, confused, dirty and dressed in rags. I asked him: “where do you stay?” It shocked me to find he was sleeping out in the open, completely exposed to the elements. Together with other people living in the slum we were able to help him build a proper dwelling. I am sure you can just imagine the intense joy we received from helping our precious brother.


Teams from Australia are a part of our vision to inspire people to become involved in what is close to the heart of God.  They always work hard and are a great blessing to the children and the leprosy effected people.

Below is part of an inspiring letter from team member Samuel:

“I just want to talk to you a bit about what happened to me after the Thai trip. The first time I went to church since I was a kid was the Sunday after the trip. I went eagerly and withmy mind open, after a few weeks I was taking notes and earnestly listening to the pastors there. Through the church: youth group, my home group and the Alpha course that I completed, I have come into contact with people ready to challenge me and force me out of any complacency or misconceptions I have. It is by these people and God’s grace and love for me that I have been filled with the Holy Spirit and really set on fire for God, continuing to grow in Him.

I was baptized with water and gave my life to Christ in April 2011.

Thank you Hans for your orphanage which shocked me into opening my eyes to a spiritual reality which, despite going to a Christian school, had previously washed over me. A few weeks ago I wasin my bed praying and I asked God to fill me with His love and to my great surprise He did. I felt an overwhelming love inside of me, more than I could stand and a great compulsion to just go out and help anyone I could find. Being the sleep deprived student that I am, I promptly fell asleep. But that desire to go out and help is still there . I have learned and am quick to note that it is not by works alone that I am saved and nothing I can do will redeem me any more in God’s eyes. But it is a great desire of my heart to go on mission, beyond the mission of my everyday life, fulfilling Christ’s commission”.


S.O.L’s first aqua-ponics system is up and running.  The children already ate our own home grown vegetables. The fish are growing very fast too. We are in the process of building another three systems within the next four months. Our plan is to have a total of eight systems on the orphanage grounds.
Self-sustainability is our goal.


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