Update November 2011

Treasures of the Kingdom:

Amazing treasure is found in the most unlikely places.  It is often hidden from sight.  At Seeds of Love we believe the biggest treasure-troves found on this side of eternity are found in touching the lives of the helpless, hopeless and hurting. It is interesting to read the words:  “When did we see you hungry, without clothes or lonely?”  Obviously that question came from those who had never found the causes in life that are of utmost importance.  Some never find true “hidden” treasure. When we look into the sad eyes of orphaned children we recognize real treasure.  When we hug a rejected person, suffering from the effects of leprosy we experience true lasting value.

Thank you for sharing with us in this ministry of finding real meaning and together creating true value.


Students, teachers and other volunteers from Australia worked tirelessly last month. They helped in the food program, visited /prayed for the sick, helped those caught in the recent flooding, cleaned, painted, encouraged the children, taught English classes in the village etc. This is so very much appreciated.

Children at S.O.L. home:

Back to school after mid term holidays.  The kids loved their free time.  But free time for the children meant extra hard work for our house mothers.
Therefore it was with a sigh of relief for our house mothers to see them going back to school.  It is a huge commitment to love and care for our children.
Our house mothers are doing an excellent job.

Food program:

Schermafbeelding 2018-08-31 om 11.17.44

Seeds of Love’s food program is vital for those suffering from the effects of leprosy.   Every meal served is absolutely precious for the person who receives it.  Just one dollar provides a nutritious meal.  This includes cooking, and delivery of the food by motorbike with side cart.  We are blessed to have the best cook and motorbike rider in world!

Together with you in the cause that counts,

With lots of love and appreciation,


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