Update March 2012

We continue to focus our efforts and resources on orphaned children, leprosy effected people, and slum dwellers.  Seeds of Love has grown from God’s heart desire. Reaching out to those who are helpless, hopeless and hurting. To help the needy effectively we need faith in God, engage in hard work and add a good dose of perseverance.  We thank our local staff for faithfully working on behalf of the children and leprosy effected people. They are doing a fantastic job.  Also a very big thank you to all of you who are supporting the work prayerfully,  financially. And of course a big thank you to our many volunteers.

Village life:

Our village is the biggest leprosy effected village in Thailand. We support leprosy effected people, providing food, clothes, renovate dwellings, health care, prayer, visitation etc.  Many of the elderly in the village are becoming increasingly frail.  One of them … became so sick that she almost died. She has recovered to an extend, but still needs extra care.  Also being completely blind, we realized living by herself in the village would be impossible. So……we took her into the S.O.L home.  Our staff and the children are looking after her.  We foresee that more and more leprosy effected people will be needing 24 hour care as time progresses.

Family visit:

Next month an Australian family with three young children will visit the orphanage.  One of  the Australian children is a keen soccer player. Jack, one of our children is also a great soccer player.  As you can imagine Jack simply can’t wait to kick the ball with his Aussie friend.  Jack came to live with us when he turned four years old. Previous to his arrival at our home he was often beaten with sticks and hit with bottles. The many scars on his head and body tell the story of his early childhood. We are very thankful that we have been given the opportunity to look after Jack.

S.O.L. home:

The children are at the end of their school term. All of the children have passed their exams and will be able to move on to the next grade. Especially during the school holidays, they enjoy having volunteers from Australia come and spend time with them. Precious cross cultural friendships are formed, and the teams from Australia are having life changing experiences in the process.  During their time at the orphanage they don’t have access to play-stations etc,….  but no one feels bored!. They enthusiastically help in the orphanage, work in the food program and help the people who live in the local slums. They discover there is much more to life than just enjoying modern comforts.

Together with you in the cause that counts,

With lots of love and appreciation,


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