Update December 2010

S.O.L. orphanage:

All the children are doing absolutely wonderful. It is such a blessing to see them grow up with new opportunities and dreams that can now be achieved. May God richly bless you all for stepping up to the challenge and making S.O.L ministries a reality.
We now have two homes in operation, a girls home and a boys home.  The community centre is used for our food program, meetings, English teaching, and accommodation.
The children are all back in school. The oldest boy, Tap is studying mechanics. He is maintaining and fixing the motorbikes used in our food program.
Our staff in Thailand are truly dedicated to the children and our food program for leprosy effected people.

Please keep the children, staff and leprosy effected in your prayers.
Please pray with us as we seek to expand the work by adding two more very needy children into the Seeds of Love family.

The food program for leprosy effected people has been increased.  We now take care of five more people who have been severely effected by leprosy,  bringing the total to seventy five people who receive Seeds of Love food.

In October we began constructing an aquaponics farm. We plan to grow our own fish and vegetables.

Many volunteers came to help throughout the year, they all worked so hard it completely blew me away.  One of the biggest jobs was completed by Winthrop Baptist college. They build “THE WALL” , build to keep rabit dogs away from the children. The wall is a whopping 120 metres long. Thank you students, teachers, school and parents who sent their teenagers on a life changing mission.  Another huge thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers, staff and those in Australia who gave their time and hard work so freely.

As Christmas approaches I can’t help but think; The true spirit of Christmas is helping those who need it the most.

During our recent outreach program twenty young people placed their trust in Jesus.

We have started to help needy people in another leprosy village called ‘Selaphoom’. Attached are some pictures ( S.O.L projects).

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas and a very happy new year!

With love and much appreciation,

Together with you in the cause that counts for all eternity,


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