Update November 2010

The children are back at school after their summer holiday break.  During the holidays we organized special activities. One of those was a visit to the Zoo in Nakornrachasima city.  It was great to see them enjoy this so much.  Seeing those amazing animals, especially the giraffe and the kangaroos made Em, Jea and Jack scream with delight . Each child has a very painful back ground but now they are being cared for and happy. Being a part of the solution to heal the hurt and pain around us is a gracious, precious gift from God for us all.  Seeds of Love ministries is growing with more children and staff added recently.  Please pray for them all.  Also please pray for our future steps to be inspired and orderly.  Our heart felt desire, passion and commitment is to give more needy children a hope and a future.

The food program for leprosy effected people:

One of our mothers who was severely effected by leprosy has passed away into the arms of Jesus. I imagine her sitting next to God with sparkling new eyes, a new nose, new feet and hands. While she was here on earth we were able to share essential needs with our precious mother and sister.

” I was hungry and you gave me something to eat”-
Jesus Christ.

In the leprosy village those words have real meaning. By God’s grace those words of Jesus have also become an awesome reality. Together with our dedicated Thai workers, volunteers, and partners from Warnbro we were able to cook and distribute well over 40.000 nutritious meals in this very very needy place.

With love and much appreciation,

Together in the cause that counts for eternity,


“Sympathy is no substitute for action” –
David Livingstone.

To sponsor our leprosy food program, a child, our general fund or the renovation of dwellings please open our website for bank details or contact us at:  hansma12@hotmail.com

Sowing seeds of love and hope into the lives of those who are helpless, hopeless and hurting.

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