Update February 2010

Dear friends,

The boys have moved into their new home. Within eight months the new Greg Crombie house was completed. Again an absolute miracle. We needed two more staff and this too has been provided for. Keeuw, 22 is taking care/coaching the boys. He is also part of the worship team. Da, 23 from Petchabun is working in the girls home. When Da arrived and walked through the gate she turned to me and said; “This is truly amazing for when I was a teenager I had a very vivid dream/vision, in this vision I was working in an orphanage with people from different nations, and all the buildings and grounds here match those in my dream precisely”. God has prepared/is preparing things for us to do that bring glory to His Name. Together with Da we are giving orphans and leprosy effected people real hope and a future.

The food program for leprosy effected people:

Besides our food program we also give medical care to the people in the village. Our volunteers from Australia cleaned infected wounds and helped with the food program as well. Recently I was waiting at the doorway of one of the dwellings occupied by a couple effected by leprosy. They are both completely blind. Mum’s back is also badly deformed through the effects of leprosy. Upon invitation I entered the house. I saw that “dad” was trying to locate something in the corner of the room. What happened next really touched me deeply. They presented me with a Christmas gift. I could clearly sense the intense joy they experienced in giving. This couple who have virtually no earthly possessions and are disabled in so many ways are now such an amazing inspiration. The transformation we have witnessed in their lives has been truly remarkable, from bitterness and anger to people who inspire others with faith in God that is alive and filled with action.

Slum houses:

During our last period in Thailand we were able to build latrines. This is an important part of making the area more livable. The seeds of love we sow together into the lives of orphans and the needy are growing into many lasting solutions.

With love and much appreciation,

Together in the cause that counts for eternity,

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”
-Jim Elliot-

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