Update November 2009

Dear friends,

Our volunteers (teams and individuals) from Australia worked very hard to complete the new “Greg Crombie orphanage house”. Attached are some pictures for you to see the result of all the hard work. The new home is almost two months ahead of our projected date of completion. Together we are making a fast growing difference. The love and commitment of all the volunteers is truly inspiring. The children and staff really love and appreciate the volunteers from Australia, they often pray, giving thanks to God for all those supporting the work of Seeds of Love.

Thanks so much for sharing your loving heart, generous gifts and abilities with those in desperate need.

New children:

Pop and Pong, two children who will also directly benefit from the new Crombie house really need sponsorship. Pop an eleven year old girl and her younger brother Pong (seven) have been abandoned by both parents. Their sick and severely leprosy effected grandmother cannot raise them. To sponsor Pop or Pong please contact hansma12@hotmail.com

Schermafbeelding 2018-08-31 om 11.33.48

The food program:

One of my leprosy effected mothers became very sick and was close to dying. She was so sick and weak that she told me. “Just let me die Hans”. Tears welled up in my eyes, with the team of volunteers we prayed for her. Five days later she was lively again and busy doing some exercises. (Attached a picture of her). We take care of 63 of the most needy leprosy effected people in the village. Since we started this program we have produced and distributed thousands of nutritious meals.

Slum houses:

During our last period in Thailand we were able to build/ renovate five slum houses. Last month we were able to do another five! The joy we see in the faces of those families who receive a proper roof over their heads is simply beyond description. We sow seeds with great love and we all reap great joy.

Helen Keller once remarked that there was one thing she knew of that was worse than being blind; it was to be able to see but have no vision.

With love and much appreciation.


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