Update November 2016

20160623_131526While visiting a number of people on the food program we came to Sombat’s dwelling.  When he came out he looked worried. He explained that he had skin problems. At first I thought not much of it because many leprosy effected people have skin problems, but upon seeing his whole body covered in terrible sores I was truly shocked.  He begged us to do something. As we cleaned and treated him we prayed.  After ten days he recovered completely. We are all so very thankful. Now whenever we arrive at his dwelling the first thing he says is “Thank the Lord!”.

I was reminded of what Augustine Francis of Assisi is said to have said, “Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words.”

Besides providing medical help S.O.L continues to cook and deliver nutritious food in the village. Well over 146.000 meals have so far been prepared and delivered.  An absolute miracle.

A week ago we went to a famous, deeply impressive tourist attraction. I was among the thousands of people who came to gaze upon the old, magnificent buildings. Suddenly tears burned in my eyes as I realized afresh that true beauty is found in serving the needy wherever we may find them. Our hearts are thrilled and filled with thanks because we have the amazing privilege to work with beauty that will last forever.


The children from the village are sharing their hopes and dreams with our staff. The S.O.L base is a magnet for the kids as it has become a beautiful haven with enough space to run around, play hide and seek and participate in sports activities.  As I watch children in so called developed countries spend so much time on computer gadgets I can’t help but wonder who is missing out. It is wonderful to see them so happy playing and learning in a safe green environment.

On the outskirts of Khon Kaen

They live without proper food, electricity or clean water. Apart from that their dwellings are build above a dirty swamp. (The only place they can build something) S.O.L staff and volunteers regularly donate food supplies etc.  One of the people asked us once “Are you angels?” We are definitely no angels, but we are people who deeply respect others and we are convinced that we need to do more than use words only.

” By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answers to our own”.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf’

Thank you so very much for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial support.


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