Update March 2016

20160413_100638.jpgLeprosy:  An age-old disease that still means shame to victims. The social consequences often more destructive than leprosy itself.

People devastated by leprosy. Their story is one of pain, severe rejection and disfigurement.  I have mentioned a dear ‘mother’ (MeaSin) in a previous update.  A story of a real princess in disguise.  We met her in the leprosy village. Needy, lonely, and rejected at a level which is difficult for us to imagine. I wrote; “Riding on my motor bike I turned into one of the unsealed and very dusty village roads. It made me smile to know that the noise of my motorbike would make ‘mum’ (I have many) sit up and take notice. On a previous visit she had told me: “I can hear your bike a mile away..And upon hearing your motorbike I know you will not pass me by’. Mum is completely blind due to leprosy…she does not have any fingers or toes.  I thought about how difficult it would be if I were to be in complete darkness, 24 hours every day, and on top of that all feeling in my stumps lost as well. Sitting down next to her I could sense she had something important to share with me. After giving her a hug I noticed she was crying. Mum said: ‘Don’t worry Hans, they are tears of joy for I have given my heart to Jesus’….I asked mum: ‘how did this come about?’ The answer she gave touched me deeply. Without hesitation she blurted out: ‘I have seen real love in action’. Back on my bike I thought about what Jesus is saying: ‘The blind can see and those that can see are often blind’.

During our most recent visit she became very weak, and as I held her warmly in my arms she said; “I want to go home”… she then passed away into the arms of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.  We imagine her sitting next to God with sparkling new eyes, a new nose, new hands and feet.

While here on earth we are very blessed to have eyes to see where we can find/serve true royalty on this side of eternity” .

Seeds of Love staff members are providing medical care, and preparing food for those still suffering from the affects of leprosy.

To date the Lord has provided for well over 122.000 meals.


The children are enjoying their time at the S.O.L base.  It is wonderful to see them so happy and play.  They also eagerly participate in learning activities.  Seeds of love is blessed to be able to serve both the young and the elderly, they are often the most vulnerable in this harsh world.

Hydro Ponics:

Twelve big tubs with veggies are growing well and eight fish tanks have been re-filled with close to one thousand new fish.  This program is assisting us in our dreams.  The words of Jesus have become a reality.  He said;  “You give them something to eat”.  We do believe, we do act, but God creates the miracles.

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Thank you so very much for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial help.


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