Update March 2017



Seeds of Love base is a magnet for the children in the district.  The middle garden house has become the place where children can watch cartoons, do drawing , play games etc.

Grassed areas are used for soccer, badminton and…running. The entire place is an ongoing miracle of provision. On my previous visit the village kids begged us to start a children’s church for them…absolutely amazing.  We plan to start within the next few weeks. Our volunteers and staff, both adults and children are having a major impact in the lives of those living at Baan Non Somboon. Serving in the leprosy village has also transformed all our lives. Focusing on the needs of others is a very important part of why we have been placed on this planet. This week our neighbour(s) became homeless.  A mother and her two children.  We are all so blessed to be able to help in a real way.  The youngest child is just 7 months old. They now live on the Seeds of love base.

Food program:

Our staff continues to cook and deliver nutritious food in the village. Tin (our cook) has been with us for over ten years.

Well over 150.000 meals have so far been prepared and delivered. The villagers are now well and truly convinced that there are people who act out those amazing words of Jesus. “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat”.  On special occasions such as Christmas and Easter our Seeds of love kitchen bakes some amazing things.  We may think cookies are a nor mal part of life but most of those in the village had never tasted anything like it. Our volunteers of all ages go on the food program to deliver the food. They also hug and pray for the people in the leprosy village. Very very precious.

Medical care:

S.O.L continues to treat those who have wounds…Prayer is a very important part of that. Just recently one of our mothers burst into tears and told us she needed to have her leg amputated due to gangrene but after prayer and treatment her horrible wound healed completely. She cried again but this time tears of joy.

“People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it” .

― George Bernard Shaw

Thank you so very much for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial support.