Update November 2017

We all encounter obstacles which can be powerful challenges to our lives. It is of utmost importance to embrace words of encouragement such as”….and in doing good we may not be faint-hearted / lose heart for at the proper time we shall reap — not desponding”.

Medical program:

Those who are on our program often develop severe skin problems because their immune system has been weakened by leprosy. Sampan is treating the wounds with medical supplies which were donated by Australian and Thai friends.

Reaching out:

People in our village have suffered a life time of terrible disability and rejection. Therefore genuine love and care shown by our staff and volunteers are of immense value to their hearts and souls.

Food program:

The Lord has provided for over 156.000 meals. Meeting real needs is a true expression of divine love. We are fervent believers in showing our faith not just in words but also by doing something that is practical.

Building program:

Another shack is being replaced by a proper dwelling. When we saw the conditions this particular family lived in our hearts were moved. Building was started within two days of seeing their plight. We have been working together with the owner and some village volunteers to make this dream come true.

Kids program:

The kids program has as many as 24 children attending. On Saturdays mornings we have a special kids program designed to help them understand the Scriptures.
Samphan and his wife are using arts and crafts, songs and discussions in their classes. After class everybody attending shares a hearty meal.
The rest of the afternoon is taken up with various sports activities, hide and seek on the lovely grassed areas.


We are sponsoring another girl. Her name is Ann. We are delighted to be part of her future. Without help she cannot attend school. Please remember her in your prayers.

Fish and veggies:

The fish tanks and veggies are a part of our food program. We are again ready to fill some of the tanks with new cat-fish. The fruit trees we planted are now bearing fruit. A blessing not only to our program but also to many of our neighbours.

Learning skills:

A young man from the village is teaching the girls how to make baskets of all shapes and sizes. They have been very busy with this during their school holidays.

“I hold in my hand a million ideas and more. But if I am puzzled as to why they have never leapt out of my hand and been birthed into the realities they were crafted to be, it is likely because the other hand has withheld the sacrifice that is necessary to birth an idea.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Thank you so very much for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial support.


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