Update March 2018

“Sowing real seeds of love and hope into the lives of those who are helpless, hopeless and hurting”.

Warm greeting!

I often hear people say; “Leprosy!?…people without hands, eyes, and or feet? I thought that did not exist anymore”.  Most local Thai people do not know either. When visiting the village they are shocked to see the harsh reality.  Many of them are moved to tears  when they see this reality. We do live in a sad, broken world, however we do continue to focus on being a part of the solution.  Not content with just feeling sorry for those in need, we have to spring into real action. Even when we face difficulties  and frustrations ourselves.

One of our volunteers shared with me: “My heart is so much with those in the leprosy village… that I pray and cry for them every morning when at home. Desperate to help, desperate to make a difference before it’s too late.”  Together with our volunteers we are a team, who with God’s help is making a sustained difference in the lives of those who have been forgotten by so many.

Thank you so much for all your passionate prayers, practical and financial assistance.

Having reached 160.000 meals we are in awe of this ongoing miracle of provision. You may remember how we started…with just one meal…but with a passion and expectation to do much more.

“Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, He gave thanks and broke the loaves”.
Matthew 14 verse 13.


Children’s program:

Up to eighteen children join our program daily.  A few school teachers visited us recently, because the children in their classes told them to come and see it all for themselves.
The grounds are a real testimony to faith in God and hard work.  The atmosphere is just so good.  Our co- worker is also doing a fantastic job with the children.
We pray that love and care for those around us may bring hope and salvation to their lives.  Most of them are still so young, but already have heart breaking stories to tell.
Reflecting on my own life as a child I think how fortunate I have been….convinced that my/our lives are blessed to be a blessing.


New home almost completed:

In our previous update we shared how we began work on replacing a hut and build a new home.  Apart from the paint job the house is near completion.


Medical program:

Samphan treating wounds/infections of people in the village:  At times it is hard for some to even look at those wounds, but this work has to be done. Without help the infections would spread quickly and they would not be able to survive. The people are very grateful and seeing them recover is just beyond words.


Wednesday program:

Every Wednesday morning we all gather for testimonies, exercise, prayer and encouragement. This time is extremely important because leprosy effected people are often very isolated.

All of us at Seeds of Love Ministries sincerely appreciate your vital partnership in this ministry.

Yours in the cause that counts,


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