Update August 2018

Warm greeting!

Bo, one of the children in the children’s program, was involved in a very serious motorbike accident.  She had emergency brain surgery and we were all devastated.  After surgery the doctor told us that she had only 4% chance to survive this injury. But while at the hospital some people from the village took me aside and said to me;  “Your God can heal her”. We all prayed and prayed. Bo was in a coma for almost two months. Then she woke up and started to look around. A real miracle! Next she started to talk and at the time of this writing she is well on her way to a full miraculous recovery!  Our Redeemer and Healer lives!



The children are having a great time at Seeds of Love.  One of them who is now a soldier came back recently.  He walked up to me, such a big guy now.  He gave me a big bear hug and said;  ” Dad, I miss this place so much, felt so safe here and the atmosphere was always warm and inviting”.  Time slips by so fast,  almost unnoticed. Then when we see those little ones grown up we are shocked. The children who are now in our program are the new generation.  Next month a team from Australia will come to help. We pray that genuine love and care will be shown to those precious ones.  We deeply desire that the love of Jesus will shine brightly. It is always such a joy to see how they rush back (from school) to the base to play sports and talk with the team members. Please pray for the kids and the team.

Leprosy affected people:

Baan Non Somboon is the biggest leprosy village in Thailand.  Apart from living in poverty they suffer from stigma and rejection. Most people are terrified to come into contact with them.  In sharp contrast to this, we think it a great honor to serve and share warm hugs with those who are considered the least. We thank God that our eyes were opened to recognize royalty. Jesus showed us who God truly is by touching the untouchable and loving those who were often feared and rejected.

School outreach:

We are preparing to minister in Thai schools.  Together with a school team from Australia we plan to reach out to high school students. We also plan to produce and distribute pamphlets warning students of human trafficking. There is a real need to educate young students regarding the tactics that are being used by unscrupulous people, who destroy young lives for financial gain. We are situated in the middle of the poorest region of Thailand where more young people are effected by these horrendous crimes than in any other region.

We have already contacted two local schools and they are eager for us to work with them.

Thank you so much for all your passionate prayers, practical and financial assistance.


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