Update November 2013

Slum dwellings:

We have just finished building another dwelling for elderly people living in the slum area.  They are very happy and were moved to tears… But my heart still carries some heaviness because they could be removed by the local government at very short notice. This happens very often. Were would they go I wondered. Then a thought came to me; perhaps we could buy a substantial piece of land. On this land we could start a community where those who are most needy can find a safe place to live in dignity.  Please pray together with us so we will be able to buy some land and build more permanent dwellings for them.

Food program for leprosy effected people:

The program, designed to help our leprosy effected friends has now produced close to one hundred thousand meals, cooked and delivered. Nothing short of a miracle. Over a hundred people are now receiving S.O.L help in this particular program. Recently I visited Tito in his dwelling, he is blind, and also lives without hands and feet. He told me how much he appreciates the food. Then he said; “The warm hugs I receive from S.O.L and the volunteers is wonderful food for my soul”. His words touched me deeply. What a blessing it is to serve God’s purposes in our (short) lifetime.


Recently a group of young Australian volunteers came to help at Baan Non Som Boon. The impact was truly amazing. To see sixteen-year old students moved to tears as they serve the leprosy effected people is something really special.  All our volunteers are people of real value as they seek to serve those who need it so very much. During their time at Ban Non Som Boon we found one of the leprosy effected people very sick in his hut.  While giving him high protein milk I looked sideways and saw his distressed wife in the arms of the Australian students, all moved to tears, praying. Precious love in action.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”. – Anne Frank
The children at at S.O.L. home:

An orphanage is a lifetime commitment.  We realize that when we take in children we need a game-plan for each child’s life. Starting an orphanage essentially means that we have adopted all of the children into our care until they are adults. It is a major, major long term endeavour and we do deeply appreciate our local staff and all our S.O.L supporters.  The teams and other volunteers on the ground are also having a very positive impact in the lives of our precious children.  A very big thank you to you all.

Jae, one of our older children is going to Measot (On the border with Burma) this month where she will help with the start up of a new orphanage.


The latest news: Another two systems need to come on line as soon as possible.  At the time of this writing we have six systems up and running.  Each system grows vegetables and holds up to one hundred fish. A substantial amount of food is generated in this way. Recently I saw our children help taking the fish out of the tanks.  Amazing to see so many fish come out of just one tank. I asked Proy, one of the children; “Who is going to eat them?”. She answered; “The fathers and mothers in the village (leprosy effected people), and with a big smile she added, we can eat some too”.

We wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a very happy, fruitful new year.

Thanks again for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial help.



“Love is the root of missions; sacrifice is the fruit of missions”.
– Roderick Davis

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