Update September 2014

Slum dwellings:

While on the road side and only minutes before the army enforced a curfew an old motor-bike came to a halt right next to me. It shocked me somewhat because the rider’s head was covered with a black balaclava. With one swift move the knitted balaclava came of and instantly I recognized her as one of the Khon Kaen slum dwellers.She then mentioned that the local government had moved four families out from their old place. They did find another place. The building materials Seeds of Love had provided years before were salvaged and used to rebuild their lives”homes”. Her eyes filled with tears when she talked about the time when we were there to help in their time of need. Real practical love in action brings genuine and unforgettable results. 

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law”. (Romans 13:8)

Food program for leprosy effected people:

Meals are an important time to realize how blessed we are to have enough to eat. Many years ago the Irish people would pray at meal-time; “May the blessing of the five loaves and the two fishes which God shared out among the five thousand be ours. May the King who did the sharing bless our sharing and our co-sharing”.Together with all our sponsors and workers we are indeed sharing….and the blessing/food has multiplied. Over 110.000 meals produced and distributed at this point in time.

Two of our dear leprosy effected friends have passed on to a better place.  We are sad but at the same time we are grateful that we had the wonderful privilege of serving genuine royalty in disguise.

The children:

Tap the oldest boy has recently graduated and is serving (compulsory) in the Thai army. Proy J has started a part time job.

At the start of the long holiday season we experienced some staff issues in this particular program.  The children were on their long holiday leave at the time and were staying with their extended families. The school holidays have ended but we have not been able to find new, suitable staff for this program.  The children are still with their extended families. They are all safe and sound and attend school. We at S.O.L are supporting the children while they are staying with their families. The situation has changed but we are continuing our support with food, clothes,school fees etc. Last month we have been able to extend this program, adding another four new children to the program. The four new children are very needy and mentally impaired. 


A Thai high security prison is indeed a daunting place. After our arrival huge metal doors close behind us. The sound of those doors closing with a thud is sending shivers down my spine.
Still a considerable distance away from the place of meeting we can hear joyful singing from across an inner prison wall.
Thirty two new inmates have been baptized and another five are waiting. One of our volunteers from Japan, who is a professional ballet dancer, danced while all the prisoners sang the song; “Because He lives I can face tomorrow, because He lives all fear is gone, because I know He holds the future and life is worth the living just because He lives”.  While singing from their hearts, tears of real hope and deep gratitude were streaming down their faces. While in prison they have found a new freedom which cannot be taken away.

Thank you so much for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial help.



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