Update May 2013

Slum dwellings:

Driving on the outskirts of Khon Kaen I took a ‘wrong’ turn and found myself driving in an area where people dump rubbish.
After a few minutes I saw a couple of huts not far from the road. The huts were in a very bad state so I decided to go and have a look. Walking towards one of the huts I heard a faint voice coming from one of the dwellings…Looked inside the hut, (a small dark space), and saw a small, very old lady reaching out her hand to me. While holding her fragile hand she told how she had broken her hip and since that time she had not been able to stand up. She had been in this condition for many years.  Seeing her old, sick, in much pain and in a hut that was leaking in many places deeply effected me.  The neighbour was sick as well and her hut was in a similar condition. We simply had to swing into action. Together with a team of volunteers from Australia we started fixing the roofs of those two huts, soon we found ourselves working in the pouring rain. But none of the team was considering a halt to the work they had started. While at work one of the people from this slum area came and asked: “Are you angels?”.  After our work was completed we sat in the car, muddy and cold, but so very very happy we had been able to help in a real way.  We are also providing ongoing medical help as well as food assistance.  Back at the orphanage / leprosy village the words of John came to my mind. “Let us not love in words only nor with the lips, but in deed and in truth”.

Food program for leprosy effected people:

Our food program has produced close to ninety thousand meals, cooked and delivered.  While the food is being delivered we also look for any other difficulties people may have.  Recently I paid a visit to ‘father Heaw’. He had a big open wound on his back.  While arranging for the needed antibiotics one of the neighbours told me “One of your staff has been here this very morning and cleaned his wound”.  She added “His wound is being cleaned regularly by S.O.L staff”. It deeply touched me to think that our staff are always doing their utmost to help the needy: The children in our care, food program, prayer, medical help, cleaning program and our new laundry program.

Thai team:

Recently a group of young Thai people came to help.  After a days work they were excited and exclaimed “Now we have experienced for ourselves what it means to serve. It is a great blessing to see so many volunteers from all ages, all walks of life, and many nationalities being moved to compassionate action. Love in action has inspired many people in Baan Non Som Boon and beyond to trust in Jesus, our compassionate Saviour.

The children at S.O.L. home:

The children in our care are thriving. After the summer holidays it’s back to school again. All the children passed their grades. They are happy and content. The S.O.L home is indeed a haven of love, care and a bright future.


Another system has come on line since the last update. When we first started, some of the fish died at times.

But now we have achieved a proper balance in all the systems which has resulted in healthy growth both with regard to fish and vegetables. The food (no chemicals used) produced in our systems is used for the children and the food program for leprosy effected people.

Thanks again for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial help.



“The only way to have a friend is to be one”.
– Ralph Waldo Enverson

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