Update January 2013

We now have 102 leprosy effected people in the S.O.L food program.  An amazing and deeply appreciated blessing to those in need. We started with one plate of nutritious food for a lady who had no eyes, hands or feet. We have now cooked and delivered over eighty thousand meals…And producing our own food by means of our Aquaponics systems. Four systems are operational.  Just the other day one of our staff fished out sixty full grown fish from just one tank. Vegetables are grown in the same set up. This year we hope to finish another four Aquaponics systems. A substantial degree of self sustainability is our goal. A wonderful added blessing to all this effort has been that many leprosy effected people have been inspired to believe in the Lord. They have been profoundly touched by faith that is alive and full of practical action. The leprosy village church building has doubled in size and is already filled with people. Long term commitment to this needy area is producing and reproducing real lasting fruit.

New program:

In September 2012 an industrial washing machine was bought and we started washing the clothes and bedding of those who are blind and or without hands.
Twenty one people are now part of our new laundry program.  Our staff, who are working in the orphanage home also run the new laundry program.


Twelve teenagers and their leaders from Perth worked with us during September, sharing practical love with many people. They helped in the food program, cleaning program, laundry program, slum program, maintenance, orphanage program. The children in our care also thoroughly enjoyed the company from Australia. English evening classes were held for local teenagers. Many tears were shed when the time came for the team to leave the village and return to Australia. The lives of the locals are changed forever and so are the lives of those who come to serve.

Thomas village:

The new “homes” are dedicated to late volunteer Thomas Mc Guinness. It consists of a group of three small homes.  This new place is now named; “Thomas village”.  These three multipurpose homes will also be used to accommodate new volunteers. The vision and zeal are passed on from Thomas to new dedicated workers who are also determined to make a real difference in the lives of those who live in Baan Non Som Boon and beyond.

Thank you so much for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial help.



Sympathy is no substitute for action.
– David Livingstone

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