Update August 2015


Two teams helped / encouraged us greatly in our work.  Seeds of Love exists to reach out to people effected by leprosy, children, slum dwellers and prisoners.  We truly believe genuine love should not only be expressed in words but also in deeds. The teams were involved in most of the Seeds of Love programmes, including the distribution of nutritious food. This program has produced many thousands of meals for those severely effected by leprosy.  An amazing miracle of provision. Divine love and provision has inspired many “both local and overseas” to place their trust in Jesus Christ.

Six Dutch girls, approximately nineteen years old came along to visit a sick leprosy effected brother. He was admitted into the infectious disease hospital which is also located in our village. As we were leaving the ward we saw an elderly man in an even worse condition. We all thought but one thing; “This poor soul is about to die”. The girls surrounded his bed and held his weakened hands. When his eyes opened….he was completely astounded to see himself surrounded by six blond “angels”….. he could have easily thought; ” Have they have come to take me to the other side?”. The girls eyes were filled with tears of compassion as they committed him to the Lord. Four days later the girls asked me to take them back to the hospital. They rushed to the ward but the sick man had disappeared. The nurses explained that they too had prepared for his imminent death but that (miraculously) he was able to walk out of the hospital completely recovered and is now reunited with his children and grandchildren.

Sincere hearts filled with compassion move God’s heart and hands…genuine love that brings precious tears to ones eyes is having a tremendous effect in the realm we can see and touch as well as in the realm that is unseen.

Before the girls went home they wrote; “This has been the most inspiring time of our lives, we laughed, cried and thought deeply. This time has brought light to our hearts. We will now be able to pass it on to others in need.  Together we can make life for others better here on earth”.

“Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others”.
-Danny Thomas-

New children’s program:

Two big aquaponics tubs have been left in the garden.  The children (and team members) have found great use for them.
Filled with clean water they have become a huge attraction.  While watching them play I asked my co worker. “What are we growing in those two tubs?”.  The children and team members had a terrific time together.

Older children:

Our sponsored children are growing up very fast.  Most of them are still in school while some have found a good job after finishing school.  Where did the time go?  Those of us with children growing up can’t help but think how fleeting our moments are here on earth.

Aquaponics farm:

The Aquaponics farm has just been restocked with four hundred new fish and lots of vegetables.  An amazing system producing cat fish and vegetables. This in turn assists us in our food program.

Food and laundry program:

Well over 116.000 meals cooked and delivered to those in need.  Tin also know as Nok is in charge of cooking and delivering the food.
One of our other co workers (Bon) is responsible for our laundry program.  Doing laundry is a nightmare for those who have lost their hands and feet due to the effects of leprosy.

Slum dwellings / prisons:

We are privileged to help those in prisons and a slum.  Together with our supporters back home and our volunteers on the ground we are able to provide soap, toothbrushes, etc. Those living in dwellings (build by S.O.L volunteers) on the out skirts of Khon Kaen city receive food and other necessities. The joy written on the faces of both the givers and receivers is difficult to describe.

Let us never get tired of doing little things for others because often those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

Thank you so very much for all your sincere prayers, practical and financial help.



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