Update / October/ 2019

Our new Anti Human Trafficking prevention course for in Thai schools is expanding fast. At every school we use an official S.O.L letter of introduction to our program. So far every single school has eagerly accepted this new program. The schools all agree that this program is part of the answer to a huge problem. Never before have so many young people become enslaved. Helping students to recognize danger will definitely save many many lives. Our deep concern for the students has also build trust between S.O.L and the schools. This in turn has created open doors to share about the hope we have in the Lord. At the time of this writing we have finished eighteen (18) schools in the North East.
We are now preparing to translate our Anti Human Trafficking (A.H.T) prevention course into another three languages. Burmese, Cambodian and Portuguese.

Seeds of Love continues to reach out to those effected by leprosy. Medical assistance as well as food.
Recently we were able to help build a new bathroom for an elderly blind brother.

“Zeal does not grow out of intellectual beliefs. nor out of theological arguments, but out of love”.

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