Update: March 2019

While back in Australia I watched a movie about human trafficking. This was a real eye-opener for me. It made me very sad and upset, but it also was a catalyst for me/us to swing into action. While preparing our ‘Anti Human Trafficking/ healthy relationships booklet ‘ to be distributed in Thai schools, I had a real sense that this added S.O.L program would be of great importance to many young Thai people.

Our new Anti Human Trafficking prevention course for in Thai schools is extremely well received. At every school we use an official S.O.L letter of introduction to our program. So far every school has eagerly accepted this new program.
We were also asked to tell a story after the lesson(s). So we shared a Bible story and this too has been well received. So much so that we have been asked to come back every week! We have now finished ten schools and impacted already over two thousand lives! A God given opportunity to fulfill His purposes.

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