Update May 2009

Riding on my motor bike I turned into one of the unsealed and very dusty village roads. It made me smile to know that the noise of my motorbike would make ‘mum’ (I have many) sit up and take notice. On a previous visit she had told me: ‘I can hear your bike a mile away..And upon hearing your motorbike I know you will not pass me by’. Mum is completely blind due to leprosy…she does not have any fingers and toes. The feeling in her stumps is also lost. I thought about how difficult it would be if I were to be in complete darkness, 24 hours every day, and on top of that all feeling in my stumps lost as well. Sitting down next to her I could sense she had something important to share with me. After giving her a hug I noticed she was crying. Mum said: ‘Don’t worry Hans, they are tears of joy for I have given my heart to Jesus’….I asked mum: ‘how did this come about?’ The answer she gave touched me deeply. Without hesitation she blurted out: ‘I have seen real love in action’ Back on my bike I thought about what Jesus is saying: ‘The blind can see and those that can see are often blind’. The food program for our dear friends is running really well. During my previous outreach I visited a number of people who receive ‘Seeds of Love’  food. I am sure you do not need any convincing, but seeing leprosy effected people receiving food is very very precious. Can you imagine how hard it is for them to cook in this poverty stricken village? No fingers to hold utensils. No eyes to even see the food.  Once I saw a dear old blind grandfather trying to make a wood fire, so he and his also blind wife could have something to eat. Upon seeing this I was very worried for the fire could have easily burned him and he would not even have felt it.  At this time we are looking after 60 people effected by leprosy. We hope to expand this program into other areas (countries) as well.

‘Seeds of Love’ orphanage:

The children in our care ( Tab, Jab, Jack, Proy, Pred,  Teng, Jea, Em, Proy, Pruc, Pop and Pong) are doing really well. We are all called to take responsibility for precious helpless orphaned children. Such a great joy is ours when we practice what Jesus commanded. Please pray with us for more sponsors so we can add more children to our home.


Several teams of volunteers helped us do an amazing amount of work….such as painting, gardening, looking after the children, helping in the food program etc. A big thank you to all our volunteers.  A big thank you to every person who has been helping in so many many ways to make God’s desire to help those in need become a permanent and ongoing reality.

Jae and Em

Two new boys Jae and Em join our family.

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